The Urban-Rural Biomonitoring & Assessment Network. A citizen-science project in Hamilton, Ontario.

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There are plenty of opportunities to get involved with URBAN. Watch this page for upcoming workshops and other events. Or get in touch directly, by emailing

Stream Sampling 2014 Dates:

Friday May 9: Sulphur Springs
Saturday May 10: Tiffany Falls
Tuesday May 20: Sherman Falls
Wednesday May 21: Valens CA
Saturday May 24: Tuck Creek
Sunday May 25: Veevers Drive

Spring Training Workshop 2011

This year the annual Spring Training Workshop took place on Saturday April 2, 2011. About 50 volunteers attended this event, dedicating their afternoon to learn about the various monitoring protocols and procedures that are in use by URBAN. The Marsh Monitoring Program (MMP) protocol, used for wetland bird and amphibian surveys, was explained, and the Volunteer Aquatic Plant Survey (VAPS) pilot project was introduced. We presented our stream sampling program, which includes sampling water quality and benthic invertebrates at local streams as a group throughout the spring. This multifaceted approach to monitoring local sites allows us to obtain an idea of the health of these local ecosystems.

After a short course in ecological monitoring, volunteers were led on an excursion into Cootes Paradise for an example of a MMP bird survey. The Spring Training Workshop concluded after the Cootes Paradise excursion, and the volunteers had the chance to ask questions and sign up for the activities they were interested in. Below are a few pictures of the workshop.

Year-End Reception 2010

We had a great field season in 2010 with some wonderful volunteers. To show our appreciation, we are hosting a Year-End Reception on Dec 9, 2010 where we will be releasing the results of our hard work to the community. This is also a good opportunity to express your interest in participating in the program next summer. Hopefully we will see you there!

Directions by bus to URBAN Event

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URBAN is a citizen science monitoring program for the City of Hamilton, enabling you to experience and contribute to the preservation of wildlife and natural areas within and around the city.